5 Hiring Secrets Recruiters Know that Employers Don't... but Should

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11 Jan 2022
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Most employers that are trying to fill open positions are overly confident in their ability to recruit and hire hiqh-quality team members without any assistance. And while it’s possible, it’s definitely not the easy road. 


Spending the significant resources it takes to attract, recruit, interview, negotiate, and hire a job applicant doesn’t guarantee a hire or that person will work out for you. They may be unqualified, lack the soft skills, and just not fit in with the culture. And where does that put you? Back to square one. 

You may be considering working with a professional recruiter, and you should. 

Recruiters know secrets about how to hire candidates that employers don’t. Those secrets make the difference in being able to secure high caliber employees, fill positions quickly, and minimize turnover. 

Okay, okay, you talked us into sharing a few of them with you!

#1: Recruiters are in touch with a plethora of passive candidates on a daily basis 

Passive candidates are those who would consider changing jobs but who aren’t necessarily actively looking. However, they still have the recruiter they’ve worked with before saved in their contacts. The recruiter knows that, if a great opportunity came up, that candidate would be interested. 

A good recruiter has access to many of these candidates, while employers would probably never get on these candidates’ radars. 

#2: Recruiters have insight on the other companies candidates are considering. 

Recruiters work with their candidates until they’re placed. If, for example, an applicant was interviewing with two of your direct competitors, they are privy to how much they are offering for a base salary + bonus + stock options etc.

They also know other important details that employers don’t, such as the amount of vacation time, how long your competitor’s interview process takes, and many more details that candidates won’t reveal to your hiring manager. 

One way recruiters add value to your hiring experience is they take the burden of the initial pre-screening process off your team’s plate, so they can focus on other tasks. Recruiters wouldn’t waste your time presenting a candidate for your consideration if your overall opportunity is not comparable. That way, employers who work with recruiters don’t waste time on candidates who have little chance of accepting an offer.

#3: Recruiters know what it will take for candidates to say yes. 

It’s crucial to understand what is motivating a candidate to look for another job. Do they want more flexibility? A bigger benefits package? Opportunities for advancement? The ability to work from home? 

The staffing professional knows, because they have a deeper relationship with the candidate. 

When recruiters work with candidates, they get to know what they want, their personalities, and their skills. This relationship helps candidates feel comfortable sharing details with recruiters they wouldn’t dream of talking about with hiring managers. 

In addition, staffing firms have a robust list of pre-screening questions they use, built from their vast experience in filling positions successfully. These are behavioral interviewing techniques that enable recruiters to gain a deeper understanding of the candidate.

This information is priceless in creating an offer the candidate can’t refuse. For example, without the information, employers may double down on offering a large salary, when what will sway the candidate is extra vacation and being able to work remotely. Remember, the recruiter has most likely pre-closed the candidate numerous times before they get to the offer stage. 

#4: They possess insight on their culture fit. 

Savvy recruiters understand that placing a job candidate takes much more than simply matching up education and experience with the job description. Employers want candidates who fit in with and contribute to a positive company culture. 

Recruiters successfully match job candidates and companies because of their insight into both. Working with job candidates allows them to see beyond run-of-the-mill answers to what motivates and inspires a person. Working with employers gives recruiters the chance to see the culture firsthand. This two-way knowledge helps recruiters place candidates where they match, not just in experience, but in culture, too. The result? A happier, higher-motivated employee who stays at a company long-term. 

#5: Recruiters won’t ruin their relationship with you over an unqualified hire. 

The last secret we’ll dish is, recruiters are in it for the long haul. Yes, they could send an unqualified or unsuitable candidate to an employer, and they may even get hired, but where would that leave them? The new hire would most likely not perform to expectations, and would probably quit pretty fast. Reputable recruiters offer guarantees on placements. It’s in their best interest to get the right candidate for the long term. 

New recruiters may do this, but experienced ones never would. Because they would know an experience like this would cause the employer to never use them to fill roles again. 

It should give employers peace of mind to know that professional recruiters have just as much at stake in finding the right fit for a position as employers themselves do. 

Now you’ve seen “behind the curtain” into the secrets that recruiting pros know. Use them to your advantage by working with a professional recruiting firm who offers priceless insight into making a successful candidate/employer match that employers rarely get on their own. 

These are just a few of the secrets we’ve learned throughout our years of experience. Stay tuned to Talent Experts for more upcoming recruiter insights!

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